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Premier Immediate Care


Our Practice is Closing


Premier Immediate Care will be permanently closing both its offices this summer.  The practice will not be reopening. The Lawrenceville office is closing on June 30 and the Suwanee office is closing July 15.


Medical Records


One copy of your medical records may be picked up in person for $20 until July 15. Beginning on July 16 medical records can be requested for a minimum charge of $35.


After July 15 please click on this link to request one copy of your records. The link will take you to an authorization form. Please print and complete the authorization form.  Also indicate if you want your records faxed only to a destination or if you would like a hard copy or both. Before medical records can be forwarded you will need to mail the completed authorization form giving us permission to send your records and include a check as payment. For medical records that have significant sized files we will let you know if you need to provide more than $35. We will strive to forward your records as quickly as possible but please note beginning July 16 our response time will be slower.


Requests for multiple copies of medical records will result in a minimum charge of $35 for each additional copy in June or later.


Medication Refills


Medication refills will be considered as normal until July 15. Beginning July 16 no schedule Cll medications can be refilled. From July 16 until August 31 it may be possible to refill all but Cll medications. After August 31it  will no longer be possible to refill any medications. After August 31our electronic medical record system will be locked and not allow any new information to be added to it.


To request medication refills after July 15 and until August 31please send your request via our Portal. It is also possible to ask for refills at your pharmacy who may send the request to our Portal as well.


As an alternative method you can request medication refills after July 15'" by faxing your request to:

404-870-9207. Just because you are requesting a refill of your medications is no certainty that this request will be approved.


Summer Hours


Please note that there will be reduced hours in the Lawrenceville office for the month of June (we will be open Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and closed weekends) while the Suwanee office will maintain its normal hours until July 15.


Outstanding bills with Premier Immediate Care


Naturally as Premier Immediate Care winds down its operations it will still continue to collect outstanding balances. We will attempt to collect our outstanding balances until they have aged 30 days but after this these balances are to be turned over to our collection agency, Frost Arnet. Once accounts are turned over to the collection agency additional charges may result.


Referral to Another Physician


Dr. Henderson has felt great professional satisfaction for the care that he has been able to provide and with the closing of the practice he will miss most the rich physician-patient relationships that he has had over the past decade and a half. It may be possible he will be able to return at some point to the Gwinnett County community, hopefully, within even just a few months.


To find another physician we may be able to provide you with a list of primary care and specialist physicians in our area. You should also consider contacting your health insurance plan and request a list of physicians in your plan's network or search for a physician on the Medical Association of Georgia's website at


We want to do our best to help you with your transition to another practice. Please let us know how we can help. The forwarding address for written communication (including requesting medical records) after July 15 is:


Premier Immediate Care

925B Peachtree St. NE, Suite 397

Atlanta, GA 30309


If you have any questions or concerns you can email Dr. Henderson directly at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it